“I still believe in American dreams….”

There’s a song by Neko Case that sounds apocolyptic to me. It makes me want to drive 90 MPH down a long dusty southern highway, driving far far away from here. It’s called “Things That Scare Me”. All music should be this powerful. Instead, popular music has Avril Lavigne, who mutters such important things as, “I swear, all I do is drink vodka straight.” That’s just awesome, I’d hope you died choking on your own puke, but far too many more important musicians died that way. I listen to someone like Neko Case and am blown away at how such a powerful female musician is barely known, and twits like, Britney “Writing pop music is hard” Spears is able to churn out poor pop music. Well, maybe it’s better this way for me. Let the masses have their shit, at least I know if I go see a Neko Case, it’ll be in a small venue where i can *See* her.


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