“Look out ahead, I see danger come”

I found another apocolyptic song. “Big Exit” by PJ Harvey. It’s similar lyrically to “Things That Scare Me” in a lot of ways. It sounds huge too. I think I should make a mix CD of apocolyptic sounding songs. And this PJ Harvey song definitely is frightening, with lines like “This world’s crazy, gimme the gun.” Wow…. these are songs with important ideas and feelings in mind. “Baby, baby, ain’t it true: I”m immortal when I’m with you. But I wanna pistol in my hand. I wanna go to a different land.”

I guess some people might drift towards depressing songs when they’re going through what I am right now. I used to too. Especially the album “Automatic For The People” by REM. But, not this time. I am drawn towards take over the fucking world songs. Conquering songs. Songs that leave me feeling powerful. Honestly, I think it’s keeping me doing as well as I am.

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