“These wounds, they will not heal.”

So, I have sold a lot of my CDs on eBay. And, much of what I have sold is stuff I listened to as a teenager. Metal, punk, industrial. Loud angsty stuff. I feel entirely too old to be listening to that shit anymore. I look at MTV and so much of it is geared towards teenagers and kids. Which is fine. But, see, I work at Borders in the music section. And, I see people too old to listen to that stuff buying it. I just can’t relate to the lyrics anymore, or the angst, anger, etc. I’m not depressed, or insecure, or anything like I was when I was 15 or whatever. I’ve discussed a few times lyrics that move me, and I feel they’re appropriately adult in nature. And, ironically, I feel lots of cursing, like in rap or some punk or metal, is very juvenile. Bjork, my favorite musical artist, has cursed once in her career, in the song Alarm Call. She says “I’m no fucking Buddhist, but this is enlighenment.” That strikes me as her really meaning it! The lyric makes a huge impression on me. I’m completely rambling right now, but I guess my point is I feel like some people are stuck in their teens, and it’s reflected in the music they listen to. I mean, how can you be 21 and listen to a song like Blink 182 where they sing “Here we are our very first date… I’m so nervous… can I hold your hand…”, or whatever they say? How can you relate anymore?

Yes, the title for this blog entry is a quotation of Linkin Park.


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