Ferry Corsten

I own, to some, a ridiculous amount of DJ mix CDs. Ever since I was 12 I have listened to club music. It is my first musical love. I’d estimate I own 60 – 70 mix albums. I own 1 – 25 of the Global Underground series, so that is 24 right there. (Yes, 24. #2 is a t-shirt, not a CD) I own 12 by Ferry Corsten alone. My girlfriend recently said that she expects club music to either move or transport you. She was 100% right. What I realized tonight is that Ferry Corsten does both. I’m listening to his Trance Nation 2001 in my car, and driving tonight felt unlike anything I have ever felt. I felt disembodied. Which probably isn’t a good thing. Ferry Corsten is always exciting to me because he has no use for the long intros and outros to club tracks. He gets to the point, and each trakc lasts 3 – 4 minutes. This is how he can mix 18 tracks in 7 minutes. But, the reason why he is so amazing is that his actual mixing never falters. He can seamlessly mix tracks without those long intros and outros. His track selection is perfect too. He doesn’t hit you over the head with same sounding track after same sounding track. He doesn’t rely on vocal tracks, nor instrumental tracks. He mixes it up and he always keeps it interesting. He certainly uses the big floor fillers, but then he’ll throw on a few lesser known tracks as well. Basically, Ferry Corsten is the perfectly balanced club DJ. And, as I found out tonight, he’s able to put you in a different mindstate. So, if you ever see his name on anything, which is rare in the US, he gets my highest recommendation.


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