Automatic For The People

My favorite album of all time got rereleased today, containing a CD and DVD. I love this album as much, if not more than anything else I can think of. I’ve never heard such melancholy beauty in all my life. I once posted an entry explaining that some music sounds how I feel. This album, ever since I heard it when I was about 14, was the one of the only things that I felt understood how I feel. I know that may sound bizarre, but I will not make excuses. I took it out of the library so long ago, and made a cassette copy of it. I kept that copy until a couple months or so ago when I found out REM were rereleasing the second half of their career. I never get sick of this album. It never loses it’s beauty. If you love music like I do, give this album a listen. You should fall in love with it too.


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