The Bravery, huh?

I’ve smoothed over my pretentious music snob edges over the years, I honestly have. But, this band makes me retch. Honestly, how is The Killers already an influence? It’s because every major label needs their own Killers or Franz Ferdinand now. It’s all basically raping “Blue Monday” by New Order or “To Hell With Poverty” by Gang Of Four.

The Bravery song is catchy, yes. I will admit that. But, it took little actual artistry or talent to write it. Those keyboard lines are basic, and the beat is the simplest beat you could put under a song. Look, I have more DJ mix CDs than most people own albums. I’ve been listening to dance music since I was 11 yrs old. I have a right to judge.

I’m also getting sick of all these bands with singers who put about 50 layers of processing over their vocals. They obviously can’t sing.


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