The infamous Autolux

As much as, in my immaturity, I wanted to hate them they were pretty good. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before (Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, etc.) but they do it well. And, the drummer was a really good looking woman.

They opened up for The Raveonettes last night at Webster Hall.

The Raveonettes were amazing the first time I saw them. Last night they were on fire. The new songs are the best stuff they’ve done, and they sound even better live. They opened with my favorite song off the new album, “You Say You Lie”. A big smile came over my face, I was so happy. And, the last song before the encore was “Twilight”, my other favorite off the new album. They turned that into an 8 minute stomper. Even their cover of “My Boyfriend’s Back”, which isn’t so hot on the CD, sounded great live and was really fun to hear. I was hoping for a Maureen Tucker or Ronnie Spector cameo, but nope. They have Sharin Foo playing guitar instead of bass now, which I think is cool. When I found out they hired a bassist, I thought she was just going to sing. Instead, they just wanted to sound louder by adding her on guitar. This is definitely a band I plan on seeing with each new album, because they seem to just get better and better.

In a week and a half I’m going to see Sleater-Kinney. I cannot wait. I’ve always liked them, and the new album is the best thing they’ve done. Everyone should pick up “The Woods”.


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