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August 18, 2005

Who is Click Five? (Update)

I guess I had nothing to be afraid of… but then, they could have been the Jonas Brothers, right? (1/30/09)

Who is this Click Five? How dare they rip off Morrissey with a lyric like “The more you ignore me the more I adore you.” Morrissey expressed it in a much more provactive fashion: “The more you ignore me the closer I get.” It’s poetry vs. Jr. High drivel. It’ll kill me if this corporate put together band gains any sort of real popularity.

August 13, 2005

It surprises and scares, like me, like me

The Juan Maclean album is pretty spectacular. Better than the LCD Soundsystem album, in my opinion. There are a lot of great electronic and dance albums coming out this year. The Royksopp, the Deep Dish, the Annie discs. I’m really pleased. The DFA continue to impress. I cannot wait to hear the Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom album.

There’s a moment in the song “Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears at 1:45 where they have this really cool synth chord progression and one of them yells out “YEAH!” with such joy. I love that moment. It’s one of my favorite in all music.

I bought the Antony And The Johnsons album about a week ago. I can’t get past the first song. It’s too affecting. I turn the album off after listening to the first song every time I put the album on.

Is there anything better than driving in warm weather with the windows down and blasting music? Other than sex?

August 1, 2005

Extra Action Marching Band

Last night I was in the city with a few friends at the Knitting Factory to see what was described to me as being a “goth marching band” called Extra Action Marching Band. A couple of my friends had seen them in San Fransisco recently. They explained what it was to me, and said it was a lot of fun. I knew this was something I had to see. I always have said ska music has turned into the music band geeks go to when they just can let go of high school. The Knitting Factory had a whole marching band geek extravaganza last night. They had three marching bands, including Extra Action. When we walked in one was already playing. And well, it was a marching band. Twirlers, tuba, those stupid hats, and all. But, people were dancing! Imagine, dancing to a marching band. It’s a whole sub sub sub culture. Some lame band played next, with just a trumpet player and a baritone sax player to connect them to the marching band theme. They kinda sucked. But, after them was Slavic Soul Party. Up on this little stage were 9 musicians, each more geeky looking then the next. And well, they played marching band music, but with a Jewish Hava Nagila bent to it. Get this though: They had a belly dancer!!! Yes, marching band music with a belly dancer. She was quite attractive and a good dancer. She even had those little finger cymbals. At one point she led a line thru the crowd like it were a wedding! Crazy stuff.

And then came Extra Action Marching Band. Words really can’t do them justice. Neither can the few pictures I took. It was a burlesque show set to a marching band. Everyone dressed in black and grey and white. Male and female dancers in thongs and skimpy underwear. The band and the dancers danced through the crowd. Sometimes they’d go up on stage and do little dance routines to the music. There were a couple flag people, like in a marching band, and the female one wore a black marching band hat, sun glasses, and fetish wear. Sometimes the dancers had pompoms. It was really fun, and really the coolest marching band you could see. Definitely check them out if you ever get a chance.