I am obsessed with this album!!!

The new Ladytron album is one of those rare albums where once I heard it for the first time, I started the CD at the beginning again. It’s that good. It is a true pleasure in my life to witness a music group grow as artists and display such confidence. On their third album, this is an electronic group previously pigeonholed into a subgenre (electroclash) and rising well above that subgenre into being simply excellent music. Production is an important aspect in electronic music, and the album sounds incredible. But, most importantly, the songwriting is top notch. It is a very rich, full sounding album. “Blue Jeans 2.0” from the Softcore Jukebox comp is a good blueprint for the sound of Witching Hour. It’s Ladytron goes widescreen. Huge, gothic, beautiful, menacing and lush. Words can’t say enough. It’s one of those rare albums I look forward to listening to again and again.

It’s honestly one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard.


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