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November 25, 2005

Please Bill Gates, fill the empty void that is my existance!

All right, this XBox 360 thing is retarded. Waiting on lines in the cold the day before? Buying them off eBay for thousands of dollars because they’re already sold out in stores? People need to seriously reprioritize. First off, you never buy first generation. You need to wait awhile to buy anything like that until they work out the bugs in the system. Secondly, they’re selling it for either $299 or $399 depending on the package. That’s insane. Wait until PS3 comes out, and they’ll lower the price. Thirdly, how empty is your life that you need this thing right now? Fourth, I find it sick that they’re now charging $60 a game. I’m sorry, that’s just greed.

I wouldn’t buy an XBox anyway. How much more money does that asshole need?

November 17, 2005

Madonna’s New Album

I definitely do enjoy Confessions On The Dance Floor. Her last album, American Life, was a piece of shit, so I am pleased. If you haven’t heard, the new album is a strict club album. One trance and house track after another, naturally with a pop bent. Each song is mixed into the next like a DJ set, and it works really well. Trust me, even using studio technology it’s possible to fuck up a mix. Most of the album was produced by the guy out of Les Rhythms Digitales, who has done a few good remixes, so I had a feeling it was going to be good. But, the best song was produced by Mirwais, who worked on the Music album. “Future Lovers” has a “I Feel Love” (Donna Summer) feel to it. The song is a wall of sound. It’s an irresistably fun track and the album’s shining moment.

The song “Jump” actually is reminiscent of “West End Girls” (Pet Shop Boys). I do have to say “I Love New York” has absolutely atrocious lyrics. But, I never turned to Madonna for her lyrical content. The song itself clearly was meant to evoke the NY disco punk scene with its reliance on guitars. Not to say it’s as bad of a rip of the disco punk sound as “Boyfriend”, the current Ashlee Simpson single. Just a light touch. It’s a good song and I wish the lyrics weren’t so cringe inducing. The first single, “Hung Up” is a good example of how to use a sample. Madonna samples “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight” by ABBA. ABBA do not give out their songs for samples, so she must have paid a fortune for it. It works very well because she basically isolated the hook from the ABBA song, rides it and boasts the bass. I’m not surprised it’s become a hit already since the world loves ABBA. I think the album trails off towards the end and loses momentum. “Issac”, the track that has pissed off the Jewish faith, is an eye roller with all the chanting she has going on, but still a pretty cool track.

In my opinion, for the first 10 tracks the album is excellent. The songs are well written, the producion is gorgeous, and it’s of the moment. Not bad for a woman approaching 50. I’ve read some people critically say that she always used to set trends, and now she’s reverting back to her disco youth. I don’t get that criticism; how much can the woman innovate? No one criticizes Paul McCartney for putting out the same shit every album and no longer innovating anything. McCartney’s latest was produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck, Divine Comedy, Beta Band), which to me is the same move that Madonna has made. So, give her a break already.