Please Bill Gates, fill the empty void that is my existance!

All right, this XBox 360 thing is retarded. Waiting on lines in the cold the day before? Buying them off eBay for thousands of dollars because they’re already sold out in stores? People need to seriously reprioritize. First off, you never buy first generation. You need to wait awhile to buy anything like that until they work out the bugs in the system. Secondly, they’re selling it for either $299 or $399 depending on the package. That’s insane. Wait until PS3 comes out, and they’ll lower the price. Thirdly, how empty is your life that you need this thing right now? Fourth, I find it sick that they’re now charging $60 a game. I’m sorry, that’s just greed.

I wouldn’t buy an XBox anyway. How much more money does that asshole need?


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