My biggest mixing challenge so far.

I’m always making a mix. Usually for someone else, but sometimes for myself too. I’ve made all kinds of mixes. Genre mixes where it’s all dance or rock or what have you. The cheesy “I’m so in love with you” mixes that every dorky guy makes for his love. I’ve made a mix where every song is less than 3:30 minutes long (harder than you think). The “look at me I’m so achingly cool mix” which anyone in Williamsburg would laugh at. I’ve made autobiographical mixes, biographical mixes. I think i’m really good at the mix CD. But, someone told me that all my mixes are depressing. And well, I find most happy songs to be supericial and fake. Which, someone told me was the saddest thing thing they’ve heard someone say in awhile. I just think happiness in song is hard to pull off without being cheesy or cliche. So, I’ve set about making a “Happy” mix CD. And, it’s really difficult. Usually when I get an idea for a mix, I need to cut songs because I have so many I want to put on. For this “happy” one I’m having a hard time filling it up. Some songs I feel are happy or inspiring end up having a touch of melancholy to them. I don’t get it. Is it just me?


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