My life before Me.

I’ve set about making a mix of songs reminiscent of how I felt when I was a teenager, and maybe my early 20s. Christ… I have an early 20s! That’s besides the point. So, a mix of songs that reflects my disaffectation, angst, what have you, at the time. I’m finding it kind of hard. I’ve got seven songs so far.

And what’s coincidentally interesting, is my roommate just said to me in conversation, “Who doesn’t sound sad these days?” And, I said, “I don’t.” My roommate replied, “No, I don’t suppose you do.”

That’s kind of my point. I can’t relate to that kind of music anymore. It’s weird feeling generally “good” with my life. Very alien. Have I truly “matured”? Was I not as sad as I thought I was? Maybe I don’t own a lot of music that is truly sad, angstridden, as I thought. I’m sure in the end I’ll put together something. I think the fact that I haven’t listened to a Radiohead album all the way through in maybe two years speaks a bit to this.

Why I am making this CD might be more interesting than this blog, to some people, but I’m not willing to go into that.

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