My First Music Love

If someone forced me to pick a genre of music, and I would be made to get rid of all other types of music that I own, I would choose electronic music. Listening to “Neverland” by The Knife made me realize this. Electronic music is so engrained in me. It’s what sparked me to buy my own music. When I was 11 years old (1989) I was given a cassette walkman. I soon found this dance station that on Saturday nights broadcast from a club. It was when I first heard a very old rave techno group called 2 Unlimited. And, their first album Get Ready For This was the first cassette I ever bought. Today, when I hear something like The Knife, I feel at home. I feel complete. You can take the rest away. Leave the cascading synths, pounding beats, pulsing basslines, and etheral vocals.

But let me keep Belle and Sebastian = (


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