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October 14, 2007

NY Times Op-ed about Radiohead

Radiohead’s Warm Glow

I paid 3 pounds for the album, which is roughly a little over $6. I paid for it because I think this is a great alternative to releasing music and should be supported, and also Radiohead do put a lot of work into their music.

October 1, 2007

David Letterman is my hero.

I see David Letterman embarrassing Paris Hilton in the same light as I do Stephen Colbert’s speech at the White House Correspondant’s Dinner. Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to say directly to Bush what so many of us wish we could say. Same here with David Letterman. You may ask me, why does Paris Hilton deserve embarrassment? Not just because she got arrested for a DWI, though that arguably is enough reason. She deserves it because she’s spent the past few years pursuing the public eye. Sex tapes, drugs, alcohol, DWIs, clubbing where there are going to be paparazzi, revolving door of men, tv shows using her privileged upbringing in a condescending light. She brought it on to herself. You might say that I shouldn’t compare Paris to Bush, but lets face it, in this society it has become a level playing field. Anyone can receive the same attention as the president, and Paris Hilton is perfect proof. At least with Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears it can be said they’re famous due to a talent. Paris is famous because she wants to be, and has the means because the was born into the right family. Therefore, she should know better than to carry on like she has when she has asked for fame. Rather than fame, she has gained infamy. During Larry King’s interview, right after she got out of jail, she claimed she wanted to do “good things” and that she found some sort of spirituality. It’s a few months later, and why is she on Letterman? Selling a perfume. I rest my case.

David Letterman does make his case for why he is teasing her: Legacy. As a public figure, she is a potential role model for people. So far, she has obviously been a poor one. When he brought up the concept of a legacy, she seemed quite confused, as if the idea never has occurred to her or been brought up. It’s a shame she hasn’t used her elevated status in better ways, and I think Letterman genuinely hopes Paris Hilton has become a lesson for those who might be influenced by her.

I think a genuine argument can be made that perhaps Sarah Silverman was too harsh to rip into Paris Hilton at the MTV Video Music Awards. There’s a distinction in that Paris should know going on Letterman that he may make fun of her because that is what he does. The only difference between this night and any other is that she was right there in front of him. But, to single someone out at an award’s show could be seen as going over the line.

Having said all of that, I think Paris handled herself pretty well considering.