“Sound Of Silence” and The Graduate

I watched The Graduate for the first time. I think parts of the movie are brilliant, but I think it’s a movie I’d have appreciated more had I seen it when it first came out. It’s such an iconic film, and I already knew the ending. I didn’t think the “Do you want me to seduce you, is that what you’re trying to tell me?” scene was so early in the film. Apparently it was supposed to be funny, but mostly I found myself confused as to why either of the Robinsons liked the Dustin Hoffman character enough to have anything “romantic” to do with him. I’ve read that the fact that he is so bland and flawed makes him more realistic, but I still challenge anyone to point to a quality that would inspire someone to like him enough. I thought the older Mrs. Robinson was the only interesting character in the movie, frankly. And, I have to say it kinda ruins the song “Sound Of Silence” for me. I used to relate it to the Kennedy Assassination and the Vietnam War, and now I think of a neurotic Dustin Hoffman looking sullen about sleeping with a beautiful older woman. The song was written in response to the assassination, I wonder why Simon & Garfunkel allowed it to be used in such a different context.


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