Annie’s 2nd album.

I’ve already called the Fleet Foxes album the best album of the year. It’s a masterpiece.

But, based on what little i’ve heard of Annie’s 2nd album, it might rival Fleet Foxes. I make no secret of my love of British and European female pop singers. I own Spice Girls, Sugababes, and All Saints albums, just as examples. Annie’s first album is one of my top 50 favorite albums of all time, and my favorite female pop album. So far, her new songs are just as good. The anticipation is killing me now. If Avril Lavigne weren’t an immature brat, and knew how to be sexy, she might have done something on this level:
Click here for the video for “I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me”. Embedding has been disabled.

If you think i’m crazy, have a look at the sampling from the blogsphere:
Panic Manual

Annie’s Myspace


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