Two Interesting Articles.

First, an article from Pitchfork about the latest iTunes version which has the Genius feature. This feature looks at your music, sends that information to Apple, and Apple then makes music recommendations when you play any song and also enables iTunes to take a song and create a mix from that one song out of your collection. This article discusses how this leads to the categorization of us, the music listeners. I think it’s a very well written article, and has a genuine point. The internet sometimes tends to make us less social, less free. Gee, why talk to other people about what kind of new music to check out when Apple does it for us? This is why I still insist on making people mixes, even if maybe they don’t care for them. It’s my way of directly sharing with people new music they may not have heard. I’m being musically social with my friends. Furthermore, the article mentions how life, for some, is all about taking photos so you can post them on your Flickr or Facebook. Look at this insane picture the article links to. I’ve been to shows with people who just seem to take endless pictures. Even I have been victim to it a couple times, and then realized how stupid it is. It’s like my principle of never getting drunk at a concert. I want to experience the music and nothing but the music. I rarely take pictures in general unless I go somewhere special that I may never go to again, like San Diego. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon three times, and only during the first visit did I take pictures. I never bring a camera when I am hanging out with friends. I want to experience them in the moment, not them in picture form later sitting alone at my computer.

Second, here is an article from the Onion A.V. Club by the relatively well known writer Chuck Klosterman. It’s his review of the new Guns And Roses album, Chinese Democracy, which you can hear on Myspace. I have not listened to it yet, though I definitely plan on it. Apparently it’s being well received, which I am glad for. I always liked GnR, but I think it would be terrible if Axl Rose wasted all that time, effort, and money for a shitty album. Anyway, this article is so well written, and I really wish I had become a music writer when I read something like this.


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