I’ve had this song in my head for three days now. Britney did three performances of Womanizer over in Europe this past week. I don’t think she’s actually singing. I read she didn’t want to sing live in order to focus on her dancing. Don’t let all the bullshit around her distract you, and you’ll see she’s really not doing much in the way of dancing either. My favorite bit is at 2:07 in where she does possibly the least sexy humping motion ever. She does look hot though. And man, what a fuckin song. I hope she paid the people who wrote and produced it well. Sure, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” is cute, but this song bangs. BTW, I have her last album Blackout. I heard it when it first came out and thought it was the worst album I ever heard. But, when the Break The Ice video came out I gave it another chance, and if I don’t think it’s Britney and think it’s some nobody with fuckloads of money to hire the best producers and writers, I think it’s a good album. Still a pale shadow of Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor”, but fun nevertheless. Especially “Break The Ice”. Yes, I just said a Britney album is good. Apparently Circus is going to be a “safer” version of Blackout which probably means it’ll be more mediocre.

This live performance gets pulled down due to copyright. It may not work. (1/31/09)


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