Someone psychoanalyze this.

Lately the only music I feel like listening to is pop music. There’s the aforementioned Britney Spears. But, I’ve become infatuated with a very successful (outside the US) British girl group called Girls Aloud. They’re five girls put together by a reality competition show in 2002 and largely produced by a production house called Xenomania. They’re like a Spice Girls, except not cheesy so you don’t have to feel quite so guilty about liking them. And they’ve had five successful albums so far.

Here’s a video of them performing a song off their 2008 album on a British competition show called X-Factor.

Yes, that’s Simon Cowell. The middle one in Girls Aloud on stage is Cheryl Cole, maiden name Cheryl Tweedy, whom Lily Allen wrote a song about called Cheryl Tweedy. If you know that song, now you know who Cheryl Tweedy is.

Here’s another live performance from a summer music festival this past summer in England.

Anyway, what the hell is wrong with me? I know someone can psychoanalyze the shit out of this.


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