Remember when I said my life is complete?

Little did I know it was still missing something:

Amy Winehouse topless pictures!

She has nice boobs. Put some weight on too, which is nice to see. Maybe if she’s going out and having fun, it means she’s starting to get healthier and will work on a new album. She’s famous for a reason, remember?

Oh, and for the hell of it, Lily Allen topless, if you wish. Personally, one of the many reasons why I love Lily Allen is because she looks real. She’s gorgeous, has a great body, but isn’t 100% in shape and hasn’t had thousands in plastic surgery done. And, she clearly doesn’t give a shit what you think. I talked about this subject back on my entry about celebrities without makeup.

Finally, something for the ladies: Barack Obama topless! Damn, I feel like less of a man now in so many ways…


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