The spread of Walmart.

Someone used some crazy internet site technology stuff to show how Walmart spread across the US since it’s beginning. Its crazy neat and depressing.

Click this link

BTW, I hate Walmart. It’s evil. I refuse to shop there. I’ve bought three things in Walmart in the past like 10 years: Motor oil in Texas driving here. Radiator stopleak stuff here in Phoenix, because my mechanic said to get it there. And, pepto bismal at 1 AM, because it’s the only place open 24 hours. When I walk in I feel like it’s evil. It’s always disorganized, gross, and I never find what I want anyway. There is a Walmart within 25 miles of every person in the country. That’s sick. Long Island was actually the last major area to have a Walmart, reflected here on this website. Zooming in, you can see the first one pop up in Coram in 1995. Living in Coram, I naturally remember it opening too.

I highly recommend this movie: Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price


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