Bill Hicks’ Mom on Letterman

Bill Hicks died in February 1994 at age 32 from pancreatic cancer. A few months before he died, he went on Letterman, but his segment was removed by Letterman. Apparently due to the religious jokes, which frankly are the least controversial things he said during this segment. Hicks told few people he had cancer, and Letterman did not know at the time. A few days ago Letterman had Bill Hicks’ mother on his show to apologize for removing that segment, and finally aired the segment. Here is the introduction, interview with Mary Hicks, and the 1993 Bill Hicks segment. It’s worth watching, both for how emotional it is, but also to be reminded how ahead of his time and continuously relevant Bill Hicks’ stand-up is. During the Bush 43 years I’d listen to his CDs and it was like he was talking about him, not Bush 41.


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