Ultimate 80’s Mix

I’ve been slowly working on creating an Ultimate 80’s playlist. No store-bought compilation, whether it be an 80’s compilation, or a Christmas compilation, ever seems to make me totally happy. You’ll get 3 songs you love, 5 songs you like, and 7 you can really do without. On Christmas CDs you’ll get Bing Crosby, John Lennon, and then the latest shitty boy band (Jonas Brothers). So, I started to work on making my own collection of 80’s songs. It currently stands at 132 songs, and you can be sure when I feel the list is complete I’ll be posting it here. I have it broken down by year, and so far 1983 seems to be the golden year with 29 songs. Anyhow, a friend of mine said her and her sister challenged each other to make an Ultimate 80’s mix, so I quickly formed my own 80’s mix of my absolute favorite songs that takes up one CD. The mix is in chronological order. There is no Joy Division, The Cure, The Smiths, R.E.M.. We all know what is meant by “80’s Music”, and those type of bands aren’t it. Since the 80’s were every bit as much about the videos, I’ve decided to post my list with the videos for each song. Hope you enjoy!

I’m still getting the hang of WordPress. Please click the title of this blog entry, and then you’ll see I’ve split this entry into pages. 18 videos would make for a very long blog entry.


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