ABBA is more punk than the Sex Pistols

Here are examples where ABBA are just as “punk” minded as The Sex Pistols, or more so.

1. ABBA are DYI. The men, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, wrote and produced all their music. This was from their first single before they were officially ABBA, to their final album The Visitors. The Sex Pistols wrote their music, but did not produce it themselves. Never Mind The Bollocks was co-produced by Chris Thomas, who previously had worked with The Beatles, Badfinger, Roxy Music, even mixing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. Punk, supposedly, was a reaction to music like Pink Floyd.

2. While universally regarded as masters of songwriting, Andersson and Ulvaeus couldn’t read music sheets. Benny Andersson self-taught himself piano at age 10. Things like this easily put them on par with The Sex Pistols. Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, was also self-taught.

3. ABBA refuse to reform and tour. How much so? They turned down $1 billion to reunite and tour. Read that again. True punk is the antithesis of selling out. The Sex Pistols reformed and toured back in 1996… and 2002, ’03, ’07, ’08. Here is a recent article with Benny and Bjorn’s thoughts about why they won’t reform ABBA.

4. ABBA are very strict about the sampling of their music. The have only let The Fugees and Madonna use a sample. In one of the above articles I link to, they tell how they wouldn’t agree to Madonna sampling their music until they heard her song. The Sex Pistols are more strict, I can’t find a single Sex Pistols sample. But, their song “Pretty Vacant” was based on ABBA’s song “S.O.S”.

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2 Responses to “ABBA is more punk than the Sex Pistols”

  1. Miss the sex pistols but anyway, am into metal now and listen to the aptly named Japanese metal band sex machineguns lol


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