Chris Brown should be castrated.

Much to the LAPD’s unhappiness, someone leaked a photo of what Rihanna looked like after she was beaten by Chris Brown two weeks ago. There is no reason to hit a woman, unless she’s threatening your life with a gun or a knife. There is no argument. I’m thinking of buying all her albums to show her some sort of support.


2 Comments to “Chris Brown should be castrated.”

  1. It’s interesting to see all this talk about castration. In Singapore if you commit a crime with your hands you get your hands cut off i.e.: Theft. I know us here in America like to be different and that’s fine. But wouldn’t logic dictate if he beat her up that his hands should be cut off? No, that’s where the interesting part comes in; if we use Singapore logic the part that comes off is the part that was used to commit the crime. Hmmmm, I think we have some very brilliant logic or some very idiotic logic. And I’m going to say it’s very brilliant because I know how smart Americans can be. Here’s how if the part that commits the crime should be cut off, and people are hollering castration: Maybe we should reanalyze what crime has been committed… Ponder on that for a minute. Chris has more female white fans than black female fans. Racist white guys, you’re just brilliant. Kill two birds with one stone: Genius. Punish him for hitting Rihanna with his fists, AND punish him for the times he has hit and would potentially hit, your precious white females with that other… Sometimes I wish I was smart like that…

  2. I never brought race into it, you did. Which says a lot about you. I’d have said the same if it were a white man or an asian man. Because I am an “-ist”. Sexist. Against men. Why castration versus cutting off his hands, which committed the crime? Castration causes a tremendous decrease in sex drive and testosterone. The very things that lead men to hit women.

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