The Prodigy have a new album?

The Prodigy have a new album out this week. It’s called Invaders Must Die, which is a really unfortunate title, because I can’t help but ask if they’re the invaders who must die already. In the 90’s The Prodigy were one of my favorite bands. I saw them during their Fat Of The Land tour at Hammerstein Ballroom, which was a disappointing concert. They sounded great, but did about an hour set, and only one song not on Fat Of The Land. Then, as you may know, they disappeared until 2004’s Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. That album was a total disappointment, sounding like some shitty group tried to sound like The Prodigy but forgetting what made them great. Like having actual tunes, personality, and some semblance of subtleness. Nothing matched the mood of a “Breathe” or “Out Of Space”. Well, here we have a new Prodigy album and based on the first single “Omen” little has changed from Always Outnumbered. I can’t decide if I want to waste $7.99 or not. This song sounds like a b-side from Prodigy: Experience. It’s loud, repetitive, and whatever interesting melody Liam Howlett had at 0:45 he chooses to bury for some reason.

But, then I wonder if the problem is that since Fat Of The Land so many groups have incorporated techno and guitar elements to their music in more artistic ways. Maybe with groups like !!! there is little need for obnoxious shouty techno like The Prodigy. Look at this semi-crappy live recording of them in some little club in Canada, and they blow The Prodigy away:


One Comment to “The Prodigy have a new album?”

  1. they need to just… stop.

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