Tina Fey is the light to Jimmy Fallon’s dark.

Tina Fey was on Jimmy Fallon’s new late night show. First off, I’ve always thought Jimmy Fallon was awful. I never got his appeal, and he pissed me off because he constantly ruined sketches by laughing at himself. Him and Horatio Sanz. Tina Fey, on the other hand, we can all agree is talented, funny, and hot. And, she was all of those things on his talk show. She doesn’t know who Robert Pattinson is and said she “hates fun”. Awesome. And, I think you’ll agree that he is fucking shit on this talk show. He adds nothing to this interview.

I can’t seem to embed the Hulu clip and the Post To WordPress thing isn’t working either.
Click here and it’s 10:15 in, or at the first dot in the timeline.


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