Detached Bite-sized Yippety-yap.

I do not get Twitter. I will never get Twitter. I think Facebook status updates are enough. Once, when I thought of the fact that Lily Allen, P. Diddy, Kanye West, John Hodgman, etc use Twitter, I briefly thought of joining. Then I realized I don’t give a fuck what inane crap they have to say every hour of every day either. No offense.

Though I am down with Ashton Kutcher posting photos of Demi Moore’s bent over bikini-clad ass.

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5 Comments to “Detached Bite-sized Yippety-yap.”

  1. here’s what makes twitter genius, IMO. Everyone had AIM. I had AIM. I liked AIM, because it connected me to my friends all day long. However, once I got into my 20s, I no longer had any reason to chat with them for hours on end, but still wanted to feel connected to them. And I think this was the general trend. Who needs to get sucked into a conversation about weather and bf/gf drama all day when there’s shit to do? So instead, you put up an away message and leave it there all day, perhaps occasionally changing it or making it song lyrics. By the time I decided AIM was fucking stupid, it was to the point where it was a little box on my screen all day and nobody talked to me and I didn’t talk to anybody, but it always said what I was doing.

    Now does twitter make more sense?

  2. I feel like I should also add – how it turned into me following Christopher Walken, or someone me and 63,000+ other people happily ASSUME is Christoper Walken, I have no idea.

  3. My problem with Twitter is that it leads to a further breakdown in communication, in my opinion. I still call my friends. I text friends. I still use AIM with some. My friendship with Ian has been mostly built on AIM over the past 5 or so years. My newest friend, Kate, has been built off of AIM. I’ve used the Facebook chat feature with a few friends lately. I still e-mail people. (And, you have probably thought to yourself “wow, he sure types a lot in his e-mails”.) I have been a blogger for years, and now maintain two blogs. Maybe it’s a product of being an English major. There’s a superficiality, a lack of genuine discourse and emotion to the 140 character type-bite. I’m someone who has always “swam on the deep end of the pool”, as an ex-girlfriend said to me ten years ago. And, you can argue, “that’s you, and that’s fine, but other people don’t always want to swim there.” Even with my Facebook status updates, i’ve noticed while most people are content with “_____ is going to bed now” I have a inherent desire to SAY something. To share something more, with more thought, with more emotion. Before I moved here I rarely texted. Mostly it was just to shore up plans or “hey, you busy?” and then one person would call the other. But, I moved here and met a series of younger people who were all about texting. Heavy texting seems to be a generational thing. I acquiesced to this, because at least it’s a conversation. But, even with texting sometimes subjects would come up and I’d have to say “I cannot text this, I need to say it”. The problem I have with Twitter is it’s not a conversation. It’s interactivity at its most basic level. As someone who has lived 2,500 from his friends, I’ve been very good at keeping in touch through the system I mentioned above. Calls, texts, AIM, blogs, e-mails, Myspace/facebook comments back and forth. Twitter is Facebook statuses minus the profile of who you are. I think my friends are worth more investment than 140 characters at a time. I keep up with your blog because I love reading your thoughts, I love who you are. You’re such an amazing person, I think you deserve more than the tenuous connection Twitter offers. I feel the same for all my friends.

    Ha, look how long this got… maybe it really is just me.

  4. you bring up a really good point. I only have like 3 or 4 ‘real’ friends on twitter. But I think I really like witty strangers who post interesting links.

    Maybe at first it was a minute-by-minute thing, but now it’s all links and garbage … sort of like ‘here’s what everyone finds interesting on the internet right now’.

    I think crap like twitter and FB has really helped me climb out of the deep end in recent years. Maybe that’s a good thing? I don’t know. It’s not to say that I don’t communicate for real with my good friends – I certainly do. But I find people absolutely fascinating in general, and twitter/FB really feed into that… hobby? haha I have no idea.

    Twitter will probably be gone within 3 years anyway.

  5. oh, and thanks. you are always very forthcoming and sincere with your compliments, sir. I’m glad for stupid facebook so now we can blog each other to death.

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