The Phenomenal Handclap Band

This is my current favorite song.

They’re a New York band centered around two producers who collect 28 musicians from the N.Y. indie dance and soul scene into a supergroup. The members are from such groups as TV On The Radio, Calla, Mooney Suzuki, !!!, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Si Se, The Dap Kings (Amy Winehouse’s band), etc. If you like David Holmes, !!!, The Rapture, The DFA, etc. you should love this band. Apparently they’re unsigned, and other than a SXSW sampler on iTunes and Amazon, they’re unreleased.

Check out three other songs here on their Myspace.

Thanks to All Songs Considered, specifically Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, for exposing me to this band.

On a related note, I think the 00’s should be remembered as the decade that legitimized Disco.


2 Responses to “The Phenomenal Handclap Band”

  1. Have you heard this band Bearstronaut? I think they’re from MA, but they’re kind of a guilty pleasure. They just posted some new stuff thats not so high school basement. But the song “Wire” is pretty legit. It’s worth a listen.


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