The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come

The Future Will Come
This album sounds like the culmination and perfection of the past 30 years of dance music. I adore it. It makes me so happy I feel giddy at times, like on infectious electro track “A New Bot”. Other times it has a beautiful melancholy that fills my heart, like the 10 minute modern disco centerpiece “Tonight”. There’s the sexy new wave of “One Day” and “The Station”, with the icy back and forth vocals of John MacLean and Nancy Whang. Whang is a touring musician for LCD Soundsystem, and you also may recall her as the vocalist on LCD Soundsystem’s “Get Innocuous!” and “North American Scum”. The reason why this album is so excellent is best exemplified by the opening track, “The Simple Life”. It spends the first four of its eight minutes pulsing away, the drums, bass and synths joining for a slinky dance track that you’d be quite happy never ending. Then, after four minutes the song downshifts for a moment while Nancy Whang comes in. Suddenly, it becomes a real pop song with verses and a chorus along with the melody established in the first four minutes. It is sublime. There’s actual three/four minute pop songs, like the aforementioned “A New Bot” or the rave techno track “No Time”, which somehow finds time to recall the “Theme From Shaft” in the lyrics. The euphoric “Happy House”, already released in 2008, ends the album perfectly with incessant house piano in the first half, and techno synths in the last half. There’s also plenty of emotion in the lyrics, at times bitter as in “The Simple Life”, hopeful as in “Tonight”, or painfully sad in the comedown track “Human Disaster”.

Since 2002 The DFA have been, as a record label, production team, or artist, unparalleled in the quality of their output. Every year brings a new favorite album from their efforts. I didn’t think an album could rival the high watermark of LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver, but I think this album may do it.

Finally, this is another album that makes me think we need to retire words like “retro”. True artists are able to take the history and influences and create something new and modern. Here is another artist that has achieved this.

The Juan MacLean Website
The Juan Maclean Myspace


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