Relapse: Good name for an Eminem album.

I’ve sold all my Eminem CDs. One day I realized, “really, I’m not 22 anymore.” I thought it had been seven years since Eminem’s last album, The Eminem Show, but apparently he put out some album called Encore in 2004. Oh. Apparently Eminem hasn’t matured at all as an artist. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the video to his lead off single to Relapse.

The guy is rap’s Weird Al. If you need a reminder, look at these past videos:
Without Me from The Eminem Show
The Real Slim Shady from The Marshall Mathers LP
My Name Is from The Slim Shady LP

The whole “making jokes about celebrities” seems so tired at this point. Kim Kardashian has a big ass! Sarah Palin is a MILF! These targets are easy, and the jokes are not creative or funny.

The second video from his new album is just like previous “serious” videos.

It’s just a continuation of how Eminem is so stressed and crazed that he’s gonna kill people.
Cleaning Out My Closet from The Eminem Show
The Way I Am from The Marshall Mathers LP

I’d include ’97 Bonnie & Clyde, but no video was made for that song. My point is that Eminem has become a gimmick. He used to seem dangerous, but now he seems safe and cuddly. That’s the problem when you repeat yourself. Showing people that you liked Silence Of The Lambs, Fight Club and Hostel isn’t scary. As far as the music, I think Dr. Dre is running on auto pilot. Lazy piano lines, generic beats, and synth spikes aren’t too thrilling anymore. It’s not terrible to listen to. But, I get the feeling after a few listens I’ll wonder why I spent money on it. Also, looking at the track listing, he has skits. Skits? Isn’t that done to death? And, again one is called “Paul” and one is called “Steve Berman”.

I dunno maybe I’m just too old for this shit. Maybe I gotta be a teenager.

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One Comment to “Relapse: Good name for an Eminem album.”

  1. I used to listen to Eminem a lot when I was in middle school. I was really into all his albums, especially “The Eminem Show”. . .And when he came out with the “8 Mile” track, my, lack for a better word, “admiration” for him only grew from there. It even went to the point of idolizing him and rapping at Rap-A-Thons at school.(Winning 3 outta 5 battles) HA! But when “Encore” and “Curtain Call” came out, I was a bit bored. Despite getting into high school and going onto bigger and better things, I grew up, while Eminem was still kickin’ stones. I mean he had another song about his daughter. BLAH BLAH BLAH! And NOW, with his latest album, I can hardly be impressed or stirred the way I used to when he did “The Way I Am” or “The Real Slim Shady”. . .

    That “3. A.M” song. . .His voice is really high-pitched and annoying. Is it just me?

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