ABBA Kill It

I make no secret of my love for ABBA. When I was a teenager, and my father and uncle would listen to them, I’d think what most people think: Lame and cheesy. But, as I got older I slowly began to like more and more songs by them. It started with “Chiquitita”, which sounded like a Ben Folds Five song to me, and “Fernando”, which is beautiful beyond judgement. I started listening to their ABBA Gold album, and slowly more songs took hold in my head. Now I think they’re one of the greatest groups ever. Definitely one of the greatest pop songwriters. And, as I said in a previous post, they’re also more punk than the Sex Pistols. I think what I appreciate about them most is their sincerity. There’s no irony, no bullshit. They really mean it. They can be fun, sad, and serious. They were adventurous with their instrumentation, and kept up with the times. People think of them as a disco group, but that only takes up a small portion of their music. No one could deny the beauty of Agnetha and Frida’s vocals. And, lyrically, they were more complex than you may first think, especially towards the last two albums when their marriages were falling apart. Their vocabulary in particular will surprise you. I recently bought ABBA Albums containing all their albums, plus a disc of non-album tracks and b-sides. There are plenty of great songs beyond their well known ones. Here are two live performances, both from the Super Trouper album: “On And On And On” and “Me And I”. Yes, it’s cheesy on one level. Get over yourself. They kill it live.


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