M83 – Kim & Jessie

When I make my top 10 favorite albums lists at the end of the year, it’s a given that I haven’t heard all the albums released that year. Had I heard M83’s album Saturdays = Youth during 2008 it would have been on my 2008 list. Half of it is a love letter to the 80’s. It hits all the right notes of melodramatic melancholy. Half of it is his typically excellent electronic shoegaze. Anyway, I was listening to it recently while making a mix CD for someone, and I picked “Kim & Jessie”. I wondered, since it’s a big 80’s song about lovers(?), if it had a neat video. And sure enough, it does, but not one I expected. It’s too bad there isn’t some sort of music video channel or something like MTV used to be. It seems like you have to seek out videos on the internet in a way where it’s like “Gee, I wonder if they made a video for this. I’ll check out You Tube”. Anyway, wait until the first chorus, and you’ll see why I am posting this.


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