Róisín Murphy – Overpowered

This week I’m going to absorb and review the Lady Gaga album. Somehow she’s become a pop culture phenomenon in America doing pop electro. This is my initial reaction, the title track and video to former Moloko Irish singer/songwriter Róisín Murphy’s second album, 2007’s Overpowered. Never heard of her? That’s my point. I get the funny feeling you’ll think this video is 1) Similar 2) Better 3) Earlier… by two years.

Here’s another video from that album, for the song “Movie Star”. The synth riffs are killer, and the video has drag queens. How can you go wrong?

By the way, if you want to hear some of the quirkiest dance albums, start getting into the Moloko catalog.


One Comment to “Róisín Murphy – Overpowered”

  1. there’s no comparison between this lady gaga person and roisin murphy. roisin is just so much better in every possible way. i gave one attempt at lady gaga when i read the comparisons to roisin, and gave up instantly – the music is just bad, not interesting or creative at all, and she looks bad and lacks substance altogether. don’t bother, rather dig into moloko from their beginning, if you haven’t already. catalog is a great summary, but there’s so much more to them. 15 years- or a decade-old moloko albums are still way more relevant today than anything lady gaga does will ever be.

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