The Raveonettes – In And Out Of Control

In And Out Of Control

The Raveonettes are one of my very favorite bands. Why? It’s in the wicked reverb guitar solo in “Gone Forever” and the blistering guitar line that opens “Heart Of Stone”. It’s how sweetly they can sing a line like, “boys who rape should all be destroyed” in the song of that name. I’ve never heard another band sing a line like, “lick your lips and fuck suicide” in such a singsongy, and convincing, way. I also love them because they wear their influences like a badge of honor. “Bang!” directly takes its guitar line in the verses from The Crystals’ “Then He Kissed Me” and marries it to a huge thump of a beat during the chorus. In And Out Of Control embraces their pop side, in stark contrast to their previous album Lust Lust Lust. That album was filled with dark, jaded shoegaze, embracing their love of Jesus And Mary Chain and The Velvet Underground. Their trademark feedback is still all over In And Out, most prominently in the beginning 1:30 of “Break Up Girls!”. That song in particular seems there to remind you they can still do an “Attack Of The Ghost Riders”, but “Break Up Girls!” is more mature and refined. It’s as if when writing a song, they can turn a dial in one direction or the other, and get different shades and permutations in their shoegaze / 50’s rockabilly / Ronettes spectrum. But, their girl group pop sensibilities are the clear focus here. With The Raveonettes, it’s very easy to list their influences. They’re in their very name. But, in my opinion The Raveonettes have an acute sense of melody that sets them apart from other genre aping bands like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. It’s in the almost Beach Boys like woos and the bells of “Last Dance” and the ahs of “Suicide”. I point to The Raveonettes as maybe the finest example of a band that flouts their influences in such a way that transcends them. This is a great album, another in a growing career of them.


Heart Of Stone


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