Grado SR60i Headphones

Grado SR60i Headphones

I decided it was time to ditch the shitty iPod earbuds and get decent headphones. First, I tried these Monster Turbines. But, I couldn’t get the right fit with any of the tips they provided. Either it didn’t fit right, or when it did it would hurt and/or fall out. It’s too bad, because when they were in right, they sounded wonderful. Then in my research I came across these Grado headphones. The sound is perfect. I do not have one single qualm. You notice bits of your music you never have before. You’ll understand lyrics you’ve never been able to before. The bass is strong, but never overwhelms the rest of the music. And, on a song where the bass should be heavy it is. On a song where the bass is not supposed to be dominant, it isn’t. How they do this I do not know. The foam earcups are very comfortable, and sometimes when I stop the music I’ll leave them on absentmindedly. One warning, the cord is thick and relatively long. I’d say the cord is a little less thick than a pen, if you want a comparison. These are not for people who want earbud portability. Of course, the reason the cord is so thick is because of durability, and the connections to the headphone jack and the earcups feel very strong and secure. The head strap also feels very durable and strong, but comfortable. In conclusion, I’ve always read that Grado headphones are legendary. It’s 100% deserved. Especially for $79.


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