Saint Etienne – Girl VII (Richard X Remix)

In addition to “Don’t Stop”, this is my other current favorite song. Richard X really did an incredible job remixing the classic Foxbase Alpha album (his version is called Foxbase Beta). This is one of the tracks where I actually prefer Richard X’s version to the original. He clearly has a lot of reverence for the album, and while he does a lot of tinkering, Richard X keeps the mood and sound of the original. During the commentary for the Foxbase Beta album (yes, there is a full length commentary disc) Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs say “Girl VII” was supposed to evoke the glamour of London. That Spanish guitar that comes in during Cracknell’s listing of London areas (and a few places outside of London) surely evokes glamour. Richard X turns the track into a supple, constantly changing beast. I’d go as far as to say that in my world, this is a perfect song. Everything I ask of music. It’s appropriate Saint Etienne’s record label is Heavenly.

Girl VII (Richard X Remix)

Also, here is a great live clip of the song. It’s funny that Sarah Cracknell has to read the words during that middle bit.

Here is what she says in that section:
June 4th, 1989:
Primrose Hill, Staten Island, Chalk Farm, Massif Central, Gospel Oak, Sao Paolo, Boston Manor, Costa Rica, Arnos Grove, San Clemente, Tufnell Park, Gracetown, York Way, Videoton, Clerkenwell, Portobello, Maida Vale, Old Ford, Valencia, Kennington, Galveston, Holland Park, Studamer, Dollis Hill, Fougeres, London Fields, Bratislava, Haggerston, Lavinia, Canonbury, Alice Springs, Tooting Graveney, Baffin Island, Pollard’s Hill, Winnepeg, Plumstead Common, Hyderabad, Silvertown, Buffalo.


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