OK Lady Gaga, I was wrong.

I think it says something this video from before she was famous is meant to reinforce that she is talented, rather than make her look stupid or something. You can kinda tell she’s a little nuts though.

Here are the three songs from the forthcoming The Fame Monster album. I really like them. Her duet with Beyonce is going to be huge I think. It says a lot for Lady Gaga that Beyonce is doing a song with her. “Dance In The Dark” is clearly meant to evoke Madonna, with the whole invocation of the “Vogue” bit. “Alejandro” has an obvious Ace Of Base sample, and also seems meant to remind you of “La Isla Bonita”. It’s hard to top Madonna, but Ace Of Base is an easy target. Either way, these songs are miles better than anything on The Fame. Lady Gaga clearly has seen from the success of “Poker Face”, “Just Dance”, and “Paparazzi” that people like her electronic dance stuff more than the bullshit during the last half of The Fame. Here’s hoping she stays on that path and keeps putting out videos as mindblowing as “Bad Romance”.

Telephone (with Beyonce)

Dance In The Dark



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