The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

Is it too late to say that The Dead Weather album Horehound is one of the best albums I’ve heard in ’09? Here’s my album review: Kicks fucking ass. Honestly, I like this album better than anything The Kills did. Alison Mosshart sounds amazing. Ballsy, ragged, and sexy. And, Alison Mosshart had a big hand in writing the songs, including the groovy “So Far From Your Weapon”, which she has sole writing credit. Seriously, if you like guitars, blues, funk, organs, and sexual tension, Horehound is for you. I find myself pretty bored with The Raconteurs, mostly wondering why I’m not listening to a White Stripes album. Not so with The Dead Weather. And the funny thing is that Jack White is on drums for The Dead Weather. Jack White didn’t even touch opening tracks “60 Feet Tall” and “Hang You From The Heaven”, both written by Mosshart and Dean Fertita. Fertita plays guitar here, and at times was keyboard player for Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raconteurs.

“Treat Me Like Your Mother” is the clear stand out track. And, the video is easily the most bad ass video I’ve ever seen. It was directed by Jonathan Glazer, who might be best known for directing the movie Sexy Beast and the videos for “Virtual Insanity” (remember that?), “Karma Police”, and “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”. Listen to this video on headphones, the bomb hiss at the beginning tracks channels.


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