Led Zeppelin Boxset

I finally bought the Led Zeppelin boxset. I’ve had to wait a long time because it retails for $200. But, I had a $100 gift card from Christmas and a 33% off coupon for Borders. The packaging is gorgeous and very elaborate. Each CD is meant to replicate the LP. The CD is housed in a plastic sleeve, then one of those cardboard partial sleeves, then the actual full cardboard sleeve, and then the CD is in a paper sleeve, like an LP would be in, and then finally the CD is housed in another plastic sleeve. So, it takes 5 moves to get the CD out. I took a picture to illustrate this. After uploading the music, I’ll probably never open it again, haha. Having listened to their albums all the way through, it’s clear that other after The Beatles, Led Zeppelin should be on the very short list for second greatest band ever. Did they really do a bad song? Frankly, from the first riff of “Good Times Bad Times” people must have known that Led Zeppelin would be one of the greatest groups ever. But, it’s a song like “Ramble On” that I’d point to as maybe the best example. Over lyrics clearly referencing Lord Of The Rings (and not in a cheesy way, mind), Led Zeppelin play one of their sweetest folk ballads. It sounds like bongos, but John Bonham apparently is playing a plastic trash can. Jimmy Page’s guitar sounds like a friggin’ violin in that divine little section about 1:45 in, and his solo is gorgeous as well. Very few bands are capable of writing and playing a song this fine.

Good Times Bad Times

Ramble On

Pretty Intense Packaging


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