Roger Ebert made me join Twitter

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is why. The sole reason why. Laugh if you want, Ebert is a fantastic writer and I’ve been a fan for many years. I own four of his books: The Great Movies, The Great Movies II, Your Movie Sucks, and I Hated Hated Hated This Movie. I’ve read all four books cover to cover. The man won a Pultizer for criticism, for Christ’s sake. But, look at these tweets:

Jeff Bridges has time for Billy Bush but sent me boring, cursory answers for my e-mail interview. Tells Billy the same things, more cursory.

All hail “Avatar,” yes, but the year’s best picture? Give me a f–king break.

And look at that picture. That’s the picture of a man with true courage. He doesn’t give a fuck what you think.


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