Phoenix In Phoenix @ Marquee Theater

You know I had to go see Phoenix in Phoenix. Phoenix (the band) seemed very excited, and at some point the lead singer said something along the lines of, “We share the same name, we won a Grammy last night, so lets make this a dance party!” They won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I think everyone was excited about Phoenix being in Phoenix. The crowd tonight was honestly the best crowd I’ve experienced in the four years I’ve been living in Phoenix. Everyone was dancing throughout, and everyone pogoed to final encore song “1901”. Phoenix live became a far more dance-oriented band, especially on a song like “Napoleon Says”. “Fences” was a groovy, sexy song live. Strangely though, in the middle of the set they decided to take their experimental track “Love Like A Sunset Part 1 and 2” and turn it into about a ten minute improvised guitar jam. The highlight for me was during the encore. With just a guitar and vocals, Phoenix covered Air’s “Playground Love” from The Virgin Suicides. It was lovely. And, if you needed more proof that Phoenix are an exciting live band, have a look at this shitty Blackberry photo I took. At the end of “1901” they invited people to come dance on stage.

Phoenix brings people on the stage during 1901


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