St. Vincent @ Rhythm Room

This is the second time I’ve seen St. Vincent. Girl can play guitar. She shredded on “Actor Out Of Work” and “Your Lips Are Red”. Her music has a lot of adornments, and her and the other four band members reproduce her songs fairly faithfully. One member played violin and sax. Another played flute and keyboards. “Save Me From What I Want” and “Marrow” groove like a motherfucker live. With three keyboards, songs like “Just The Same But Brand New” were gorgeous. Once again, she did a pretty solo cover of Nico’s “These Days”, introducing the song as being like Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day”. Of course this led to calls to cover that song too. The first time I saw her, roughly two years ago, when she did “Marry Me” plenty of bros decided it would be cute/funny to yell “I’ll marry you”. Two years on, that has turned into catcalls from bros saying “marry me”. She did not play the song “Marry Me”. She must regret that song now. Anyway, here’s some shitty quality pics I took on my Blackberry.

St. Vincent has a lot of effects pedals.

She's also very pretty.

Blue is my fav color.

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