John Mayer deserves a wedgie and a kick in the balls. At the same time.

Any white dude that starts talking about how he has a “N-pass”, thereby instantly revoking said imagined “N-pass”, needs a wake up call. Now he’s crying on his Twitter about how he just wants to play guitar. Po’ baby. Go count your millions, you’ll feel better. “My penis is a white supremacist.” To me that says “Your body is a wonderland, unless you’re black.” He is far too white to be saying things like that. He’s white for a white guy. John Mayer pretty much should never speak again. Play guitar. Don’t speak. Honestly, this is a perfect example of delusional celebrity entitlement. Putting out a few crappy records doesn’t mean you’re infallible.

I don’t feel like reposting his comments. If you want, click these links to The Superficial’s site:

John Mayer’s penis is a ‘white supremacist’

John Mayer starts crying during show, apologizes for Playboy interview

John Mayer pissed off gay people, too


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