Are Die Antwoord “real”?

Coincidentally, there’s an interview that got posted yesterday on Pitchfork. There’s some concern over whether Die Antwoord are “real”, especially given this dude Ninja has had some previous groups that were more obviously “jokes”. Die Antwoord seems intent on bringing South African “ghetto” culture, called “zef culture” to the world, but at some point says he first went into the ghettos at age 18. Almost like a tourist?

Pitchfork: What was your experience like in the Alexandra Township?

DA: It was fuckin’ weird. Me and my chommies drove in to Alex one day to buy some cheap weed. In Alex you can buy a shopping packet full of weed for like 50 bucks. It was my first time to drive into the ghetto. I think I was 18. In South Africa, most white people are too scared to go into the ghettos cos they are mostly all paranoid sissies. In the ghetto there are no traffic rules, which is quite fun. You don’t have to stop at the stop streets. You just have to be careful of those booming taxis crafted [from] the evil fires of Mordor that scream around corners, weaving skillfully around the animals and children playing in the streets.

But, I guess this is how things happen with cultural groups sometimes. Those who are authentically from a culture don’t have the means to bring it mainstream, so it’s appropriated by those who can. Also, there is this video interview on youtube, and there is a bit of camp to the whole thing. I dunno. Their music is pretty awesome, so whatever.


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