Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool

Real Life is No Cool

“What should we do? Should we start? Should we stop? Looking for what?” is how Christabelle opens the first track, “Looking For What?”. She sounds languid, and very sexy. She repeats this throughout the song over Lindstrøm’s bed of cascading and rising synth pulses and disco beats. At some point she says, “want you to come give me some”. This dreamy sensuality flows through the entire album. The pace may quicken, like on third track “Let It Happen” (a Vangelis cover), where Christabelle wants you to “throw away fear” and to “love life”. But, Real Life Is No Cool is here to seduce you with Christabelle’s European accented half-awake coos and come-ons and Lindstrøm’s disco beats, synth washes and bass throbs. The whole album sounds effortless. Lindstrøm has been doing this kind of spacey disco and ambient for a number of years now, some of his songs stretching past 20 minutes. He even managed to take a cover of “Little Drummer Boy” to the 42 minute mark. Yes, really. But, this album is meant to be a pop album with relatively normal song structures. “Lovesick” and “Music In My Mind” feature a huge thump and synth funk basslines. “Baby Don’t Stop” is on par with Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. It has horn stabs, a wiggly guitar line, a synth bassline, and Christabelle’s confidently sexy vocals. “Let’s Practise” (sic), my favorite song on here, is built on Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” iconic synth line, and here Christabelle wails in borderline sexual desperation, “lost myself back there, don’t know what to do with out you. I’m so alone without you”. The whole album has a sensual, erotic mood. And, it sounds decadent and rich. Like the album says, real life is no cool. For an hour, this sex haze of an album will lull you out of your life and into its heady world of sensuality. Oh, and you can dance to it.


Let’s Practise


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