Lady Gaga w/ Beyonce – Telephone video

Ok, so this is NSFW due to nudity, violence, cursing, etc. The video is a lot to take in. It amounts to a 10 minute Tarantino homage. It’s pretty much Natural Born Killers meets Caged Heat.

My first five questions are:
1) Did Tarantino give his blessing?
2) Was that dance move Lady Gaga made when leaving the prison a tribute to Michael Jackson, or…?
3) Did Miracle Whip and Wonder Bread really pay for part of this?
4) Does Beyonce really think that “motherfucker” was really where the line is?
5) Is this making any actual statement, or is it much ado about nothing?

Love her or hate her, no one is doing what Lady Gaga is doing. I love the song, and this certainly tops “Bad Romance”. So, I’m thrilled. I’ve watched it several times. But, I can’t help but worry she’s going to burn out on ideas very quickly. She seems like she’s putting a lot out there very quickly. Also, it’s a big deal Gaga got Beyonce to do this. I think, despite her reluctance to put a “motherfucker” out there, Beyonce went far out there for Beyonce. My favorite line is, “We’re going to make you swim outta here in your own blood, bitch.”


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