You Say Party! We Say Die! @ Rhythm Room

I’ve never seen so few people for a show. When I walked in for the first opening band, including me there were 5 people. By the time YSP!WSD! went on, I’d estimate there were 25 people who weren’t members of the two opening bands. Growing up in New York, this is a huge shock to me. It really showed what some of these small bands go through. And, tickets were $8 without the service charge. There were two opening bands with three members each. First, a local band who reminded me of disco punk band Moving Units. Which is not an insult, they were really good and didn’t give a fuck there were only five people to see them. Then, an Australian goth industrial band called Pivot. They were also really good. If you want to know what YSP!WSD! sound like the best way I can put it is electro, punk, goth, and early B-52’s. You Say Party! We Say Die! played like they were playing to hundreds. They were all about dancing, rocking, and having a good time. The drummer Devon Clifford, one of the founding members, in particular has funny stage banter. The lead singer Becky Ninkovic was very sweet, and she really danced and got into the music. All in all, they sounded great, seemed really nice, and had a good time. I’m glad I got to see them. They’re from Vancouver, and due to visa issues they couldn’t come to the U.S. for four years. Probably a huge reason that after three albums, barely anyone in the U.S. knows who they are. But, it made for an intimate show, and I had waited to buy their new album XXXX until the show. So, I got to at least meet the other founding member, keyboardist Krista Loewen, who was at the merch table. I did try to take pics, but they’re really awful. So, instead here’s a fan video of “Glory”, from XXXX, which is like seeing them live. And, then videos for two songs from XXXX “Dark Days” and “There is XXXX (In My Heart)”.

And, also, a link to their myspace.


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