Zooey looks petrified on Letterman

Poor Zooey Deschanel looks literally petrified. Staring off into space with huge, crazy eyes. It’s like she’s never played keyboards and sang at the same time before. Like she’s scared of fucking up a note on national television. She has a really pretty voice though. This makes me want to see She & Him live to see if she always performs like she’s about to shit a brick but trying to hold it in. M. Ward plays like a motherfucker, as usual.

Look at her in an interview with Letterman back in 2002. She stumbles out like a 5th grader doing her first play. Then she compulsively rubs her legs during the whole interview. Total stage fright. This probably makes her more endearing to some dudes. Also, strange to see her with blonde, non-bang hair.


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